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By | December 23, 2019

Toontown Rewritten Codes

See our list of ToonTown Rewritten Codes in 2024 and apply any of them in your account. Unlock exclusive items such as items in the clothing section and much more. Learn more about this amazing game. Totally Free.

What is ToonTown Rewritten?

ToonTown Rewritten is one popular MMORPG game for people of all ages. This multiplayer game is a copy (remake) of the orginal game ToonTown Online. To clarify this is copy and rewritten version, and the same is not associated or affiliated in any way with the original creator the Walt Disney Company or Disney Interactive Media Group called (Disney). Furthermore this project (remake) was created only to make the game playable again even it was closed by the original creator on September 19, 2013.

The gameplay at this game is a fictional environment Toon, where are a lot of playable characters. The main story is the battle between Toons and Cogs. The Toons are animals and the player can customize them in different colors and clothes with applying TTR Codes. On the other side are the Cogs – robots who are going against the Toons.

There are four type of Cogs in the game such as :

  • Brown-clad Bossbots;
  • Blue-clad Lawbots;
  • Green-clad Cashbots;
  • Maroon-clad Sellbot.

The Toons are animals which are trying to save the fictional town from the robots called Cogs using gags (weapons). Furthermore each player can create personal Toon and customize it in the way he want. In addition the player should complete missions (ToonTasks) to obtain various items and grow Toon’s strength. For example, for each successfully completed mission the player can obtain health points (Laf), Jellybeans or Clothing tickets. On the other side the player can use ToonTown Rewritten Codes to unlock some special items in the game.

How to enter ToonTown Rewritten Codes?

If you don’t know how to install the game and apply any of the special ToonTown Rewritten codes please read the steps below.

  • At first make sure that you have downloaded and installed the game launcher from here.
  • Next you must select the right operating system. Follow the steps in the setup to install the game on your device.
  • Once you have logged in the game dashboard click on Options & Codes and enter the code in Shticker Book field. Furthermore you can see the full list of all ToolTown Rewritten Codes in the table we posted at the end of the post.
  • After you have applied the code you should see the unlocked item in your mailbox in the game dashboard.
  • In the end you can start playing with your unlocked exclusive item.

See the screenshots below to understand how you can enter any of the ToolTown Rewritten Codes in your account.

Toontown Rewritten Codes
Toontown Rewritten Codes
TTR Codes
Toon Town Rewritten

Minimum System Requirements

As additional information we posted the minimum system requirements for the game in the table below.

ToonTown Rewritten Minimum System Requirements
CPU:Dual Core
OS:Windows Vista
Video Card:256 MB Card
Dedicated Video RAM:256 MB

Recommended System Requirements for Playing TTR with Codes

Furthermore you can see the best and recommended system requirements for ToonTown Rewritten. If your system has these you should not have any lags during the gameplay or applying the codes.

ToonTown Rewritten Recommended System Requirements
CPU:Quad Core
OS:Windows 7
Video Card:1 GB Card
Dedicated Video RAM:1 GB

ToonTown Rewritten Codes List

For example in the table below you can see full list of all ToonTown Rewritten Codes for 2024. Furthermore please take a note that you can apply some of the codes to unlock items during certain period of time. Furthermore the codes are not case sensitive and you can apply any of them without worrying about the big or small letter or space between the characters. To clarify you will just need to enter all the characters in the right order.

ToonTown Rewritten CodesLimited to and UnlocksActive or Expired
toonfest2014code available only for accounts created before ToonFest 2014Available
flip-for-flippycode available only for accounts created before June 2, 2014Expired
dont-be-wackycode available only for accounts created before June 2, 2014Expired
patience-payscode available only for accounts created before September 19, 2014Expired
beta-bughuntcode available only for accounts created before September 19, 2014Expired
coming-to-townthis code is available only during Twelve Days of Winter eventAvailable
gardening-is-gothis code unlocks gardening kit freeExpired
omgcon2016unlocks ToonFest 2016 Blue Backpack and ToonFest 2016 Pink Backpack itemsExpired
GC SBFOthis code unlocks Get Connected Sellbot Field Office Shirt/
toontastic12this code unlocks Twelfth Topper - hat accessories. It was available only Toontown's 12th birthday/anniversaryExpired
Silly Meterthis code unlocks Silly Meter Shirt/
Get Connectedthis code unlocks Get Connected Shirt/
nipping-at-your-nosethis code unlocks brand new accessoriesExpired
Winterthis code unlocks 48 hours of Estate cannons/
weight-off-shouldersunlocks exclusive anvil accessoryExpired
Gadzooksthis code unlocks Gadzooks Shirt/
replayfx2017unlocks New ToonFest 2017 Blue Shirt and ToonFest 2017 Pink ShirtExpired
replayfx2018unlocks special clothes (pants or t-shirt)Expired
Toontasticthis code unlocks Tenth Anniversary Cake Shirt/
Summerthis code unlocks Silly Summer Shirt/
thank-you-kongunlocks special shirt for KongExpired
Spookythis code unlocks Spooky Shirt/
BRRRGHthis code unlocks Winter Shirt/
toontown-tweetervalid until August 25, 2018. This Code unlocks a new feathery Birb accessoryExpired
Sunburstthis code unlocks Sunburst Shirt/
Sweetthis code unlocks 12,000 jellybeans/
twitter15kthis Code unlocks a new feathery Birb accessory
on-the-shelfthis code unlocks Santa Clothes. It is available only during the Christmas in game event.
replayfx2019this code unlocks ToonFest 2019 Blue Hat and ToonFest 2019 Pink Hat. It was available from August 1st to August 11th

To sum up some of these TTR codes are not working and some are available only during some special events (Day of the game release, hitting particular amount of twitter followers, particular holidays etc). In addition some of the codes might not be active for you at the moment so make sure to apply any of them as fast as you can before the promotion ends. We will try to update the list as soon as new code has been released. If you want to suggest any code please contact us here or write the code in the comment below and we will add it in the table.

In the end we want to mention that we are not holding any rights for these codes or the game and this post is made only for informational purposes. To clarify we are not in any way associated with the official websites such as ToonTown Online , ToonTown Rewritten, Walt Disney Company or Disney Interactive Media Group.

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